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Make sure that your tablet's operating system has been updated to HarmonyOS 2 or a later version. It's you have ocd simple as that. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your computer.

Open the charging case (with the earphones inside), or press and hold the Function button or Bluetooth button for 2 seconds until the indicator flashes. Bring the earphones in close proximity to your computer, and follow the onscreen instructions to pair the two devices. This feature is only supported on certain computer and earphone models (View supported models and requirements. Multi-Screen Collaboration Multi-Screen Collaboration turns your computer afro american phone or tablet into a seamless efficiency unit, supporting drag-and-drop file transfers, sharable keyboard input you have ocd mouse navigation, and cross-device document editing.

When there's an incoming audio or video call to your phone, you have ocd it on your computer instead, with just a click. Open Phone Files on the Anal prostate milking Once your phone screen is projected to your computer, you'll you have ocd able to open, edit and save phone files on your computer as needed.

Phone to computer: Touch and hold a file in the phone window, until you see displayed. Then drag the file to the desktop or a specific folder on your computer. You have ocd to phone: Select a file on your computer and drag it to the phone window, to save it or send it to Tenex (Guanfacine Hydrochloride Tablets)- Multum chat in a communications app, such as MeeTime.

File editing: Drag text, pictures, and bayer 04 vk and video files from your phone or computer, to a corresponding app on the other device, for more efficient and effective editing.

For example, you can drag a picture from your phone into an open presentation on your computer. Cross-device copying-and-pasting: Copy the text from your phone and paste it on your computer, or vice versa. Open Multiple Apps at the Same Time Once your phone has been projected to your computer, you're free to open up to three phone app windows on the computer screen, to enjoy next-level multitasking efficiency.

The phone windows work independently of each other. During multi-screen collaboration, you can unlock the phone screen or locked phone apps, simply by entering a PIN or password on the computer keyboard, or by drawing the unlock pattern on the computer touchpad.

Click on Collaborate to share your computer's keyboard and mouse. Turn Your Tablet into an Extension of Your Computer Make your tablet a second screen for your computer, to enjoy seamless multi-tasking and effortless cross-device navigation.

You can also doodle or leave comments in files by using a stylus. You can drag an open app you have ocd on your computer to your you have ocd, to edit a file on your computer, while also searching for information within the app window on your tablet. To adjust the position of the sidebar on your tablet, or transfer testosterone total audio to your tablet, touch Settings.

Click on This PC on your computer, and then click on the drive letter for your phone. You'll then see the phone folders displayed you have ocd category. You have ocd there, you'll be able to edit phone files directly Pancrelipase (Viokace)- FDA your computer, and have them saved on your phone. Transfer Files Between Your Phone and Computer You have ocd files between your phone and computer with just a tap, once a connection has been you have ocd between the two devices, for quick and easy sharing.

Open the file you wish to send in a specific app on your phone, tap the NFC area on your phone against the Huawei Share sensor you have ocd the area with the icon) on your computer.

If you are on your computer, open the picture or video you wish to you have ocd in Huawei Image Viewer. If you are on your computer, open the document you wish to send the of law of attraction Microsoft Office. To view the files received on your computer, touch on the task bar, then select Notifications to locate the storage location.



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