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Levels of evidence and grades of recommendation are provided and a treatment algorithm is presented (Figure 4). Behavioural strategies are based on the hypothesis that PE occurs because the man fails to appreciate the sensations of heightened arousal and to recognise the feelings of ejaculatory inevitability.

Re-training may attenuate stimulus-response connections by gradually exposing the patient to progressively more intense and more prolonged stimulation, while maintaining the intensity and duration of wake up for the night stimulus just below the threshold for triggering the response. There are several modifications of these techniques making comparison difficult.

Masturbation before anticipation of sexual intercourse is a technique used by younger men. Following masturbation, the penis is desensitised resulting in greater ejaculatory delay after the refractory period is over.

In a different approach, the man learns to recognise the signs of increased sexual arousal and how to keep his level of sexual excitement below the intensity that elicits the ejaculatory reflex. Psychological factors may be associated with PE and should be addressed in treatment. Validated assessment instruments need to be used as end-points.

Longer follow-up periods are necessary to confirm these findings. Dapoxetine hydrochloride is a short-acting SSRI, with a pharmacokinetic profile suitable for on-demand treatment for PE. It has a rapid Wake up for the night (1. It is approved for on-demand treatment of PE in European countries and elsewhere, but not in the USA. Both available doses of dapoxetine (30 mg and 60 mg) have shown 2.

Wake up for the night RCTs, dapoxetine, 30 mg or 60 mg one to two hours before intercourse, was effective from health habits first dose on IELT and increased ejaculatory control, decreased distress, zonisamide increased satisfaction.

Treatment-related side-effects were dose-dependent and included nausea, diarrhoea, headache and dizziness. Regarding a combination of PDE5Is with dapoxetine, the addition of dapoxetine to a given regimen of PDE5Is may increase the risk of possible prodromal cas genes that may progress to syncope compared to both PDE5Is inhibitors and SSRIs administered alone.

A low rate of vasovagal syncope was generalized anxiety disorder treatment in phase 3 studies. According to the summary of product characteristics, orthostatic vital signs (blood pressure and heart rate) must be measured prior to starting dapoxetine. The mechanism of action of short-acting SSRIs in PE is still speculative. Dapoxetine resembles the antidepressant SSRIs in the following ways: the drug binds specifically to the 5-HT re-uptake transporter at subnanomolar levels, has only a limited affinity for 5-HT receptors and is a weak antagonist of the 1A-adrenoceptors, dopamine D1 and 5-HT2B receptors.

The rapid absorption of dapoxetine might lead to an abrupt increase in extracellular 5-HT following administration that might be sufficient to overwhelm the compensating autoregulation processes.

Does the mechanism of action of short-acting SSRIs differ from that of the conventional chronic SSRI mechanism of action.

Before how to work better, daily treatment with SSRIs was the first choice of treatment in PE. Commonly used SSRIs include citalopram, fluoxetine, fluvoxamine, paroxetine and sertraline, all of which have wake up for the night similar pharmacological mechanism of action. Nevertheless, despite significant increase in IELT, there are no data available concerning the PROs in Wake up for the night patients treated with daily SSRIs.

Based on this meta-analysis, SSRIs were expected to increase the geometric mean IELT by 2. Paroxetine was found to be superior to fluoxetine, clomipramine and sertraline. Sertraline was superior to fluoxetine, whereas the efficacy of clomipramine was not significantly different from fluoxetine and sertraline. Ejaculation delay may start a few days after drug intake, but it is more evident after one to two weeks since receptor de-sensitisation requires time to occur.



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