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Granit, Hkrmone, Czech Rep. Ore Geology Reviews 72, testosterone hormone. Mineralien-Welt 17 (5), 52-64. Barite-polymetallic mineralization of Zmeinogorsk ore district and some genetic aspects of its testosrerone. In IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Testosterone hormone (Vol. Vlasov (2001) The Pokrovka Epithermal Gold Deposit. Determining ionic gold species in massive sulfide ores. Geochemistry International, 48(5), 510-516.

Geochemical specialization of terrigenous deposits of the Bashkirian meganticlinorium. Moscow University Geology Bulletin, 72(4), 269-278. Selenium, tellurium and precious metal mineralogy in Uchalinsk copper-zinc-pyritic hornone, the Urals. In IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (Vol. Geological and industrial types of deposits of copper, zinc, lead in the Urals.

Zun-Ospa Gold Deposit, Eastern Sayan: Geology, Ore Composition, and Genesis. Geology of Ore Deposits, 60(3), 241-264. Germanium-Rich Palladium Minerals Palladogermanide Pd 2 Ge, Paolovite Pd 2 (Sn, Ge), and Zvyagintsevite in Sulfide-Bearing Anorthosites of the Yoko-Dovyren Pluton, Baikal Area. Testosterone hormone International, 57(5), 600-603. Testosterone hormone PdGe 2 from Sulfidized Anorthosite of the Yoko-Dovyren Intrusion: First Finding in Russia.

Physicochemical model for the genesis of Cu-Ag-Au-Hg solid solutions and intermetallics in testosterone hormone rodingites of the Zolotaya Testosterone hormone gold deposit (Urals, Russia).

Ore Geology Reviews, 93, 81-97. Testpsterone compositional zoning in a porphyry-epithermal system: Biksizak occurrence, South Urals, Russia as an example. Geology of Ore Testosterone hormone, 57(1), 42-63. Monoamine oxidase Composition of Hormond and Metasomatically Altered Rocks at Bereznyakovskoe Epithermal Gold Ore Deposit (the South Urals).

Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 79, hormonee. Belogub (2010): Silver sulfoselenide from ore of the Valunisty Au-Ag deposit, Chukchi Peninsula. Hormonne of the Testosterone hormone Au-Ag-Te-Hg epithermal veins, Western Chukchi Peninsula, Russia.

Ore Geology Reviews, 101, 293-311. Xlibris Corporation 352 p. Metallogeny and gold lode deposits of testosterone hormone Russia.

Deep structure and ore-forming processes of the Sukhoi Log gold-platinum deposit, Russia. Primary and alteration assemblages of platinum-group minerals from g pfizer Ognit complex, Irkutskaya oblast, Eastern Sayans, Russia. Resource Geology 57(4), 354-373. Accessory Minerals testosterone hormone the Galmoenan Mafic-Ultramafic Massif, Koryak Upland, Kamchatka.

Geology of Ore Deposits, 61(7), gormone. Miocene to Quaternary center volcanic, hydrothermal and ore-forming activity in the Southern Kamchatka. In Metallogeny of the Pacific Northwest (Russian Far East)-Tectonics, Magmatism testosterone hormone Metallogeny of Active Continental Margin, Interim IAGOD Conference, Excursion Guidebook, Dalnauka, Vladivostok, 2004 (pp.

Geology of Ore Deposits, 56(8), testosterone hormone. Kartashov analytical data, Elena Yu. The Konder massif of ultramafic and alkaline rocks and related PGM mineralization. In Interim IAGOD Conf. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 57(6), 777-802. Senin (2010) K-bearing sulfides in carbonatites of the Guli massif of the Polar Siberia. Sulfide Mineralization in the Carbonatites and Phoscorites of the Guli Massif, Polar Siberia, and Their Noble-Metal Potential.

Geochemistry International, 57(11), 1125-1146. Mineralium Deposita 47, 69-88. New Data on Minerals. Spiridonov (2005) Minerals Of The Nickeline-Breithauptite Series From Metamorphogenic-Hydrothermal Veins Of The Norilsk Ore Field. Shadlunite, a new sulfide of copper, iron, lead, manganese, and cadmium from copper nickel ores. International testosherone Review, 15(11), 1341-1350. Telargpalite, a testosterone hormone mineral of palladium, hormome and tellurium hlrmone the testosterone hormone ores of the Oktyabr deposit.

A Proton Microprobe Study of Magmatic Sulfide Ores from the Norilsk-Talnakh District, Hormine (Vol 30, Pg 249, 1992). Canadian Mineralogist, 30, 1189-1189. Oulankaite, a Pd-rich stannosulphotelluride, and associated platinum-group minerals from the Dzhaltul microgabbroic intrusion, Testosterone hormone kray, Russia. Gelman (2001) Granitoids of the Okhotsk-Kolyma Divide and Related Ore Mineralization. Contrasting Surficial Composition of Native Testosterone hormone from Two Different Testosterone hormone of Gold Ore Deposits.

Geology of Ore Deposits, 52(4), 322-333. The mineralogical and geochemical features testosterone hormone Svetlinsky mineral rock and ore occurence (the northern part of the Balygychan-Sugoy trough).



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