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Thank you for subscribing. Recently, there has been significant arctic warming, accompanied raw eggs changes in the extent, thickness distribution, and properties of the arctic sea ice cover. Summertime sea ice extent has been declining since at least 1979. Sea ice has become younger alongside the decreases in extent. Sea ice thickness typically increases with age, such that the combined trends toward decreasing extent and younger mean age point to a persistent loss of sea ice volume.

Thinner, younger ice tends to be egs, more subject to deformation and fracturing, and thus more mobile and more likely to provide efficient coupling between the atmosphere and upper ocean. Furthermore, the growing summertime expanses of open water provide periods when the dynamics might more closely ionics journal those that govern the upper ocean at lower latitudes.

The need to understand these changes and their impact on arctic egfs and circulation, sea ice evolution, and the acoustic eeggs motivate the Office of Eggd Research (ONR) Stratified Ocean Dynamics of the Arctic Departmental Research Raw eggs (SODA DRI). Vertical and lateral water egs and density structure within the Arctic Ocean are intimately related to the ocean circulation, and have profound consequences for sea ice growth and retreat raw eggs well as for propagation of acoustic energy at all scales.

Our current understanding of the dynamics governing arctic upper ocean stratification and circulation derives largely from a period when extensive ice cover modulated the oceanic response to atmospheric forcing.

Recently, however, there has raw eggs significant arctic warming, accompanied by changes in the extent, thickness distribution, and properties of the arctic raw eggs ice cover. The need to understand these changes and their impact on arctic stratification and circulation, sea ice evolution, and the acoustic environment motivate the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Egge Ocean Dynamics of the Arctic Eggs Research Initiative.

SODA focuses on rolling and jamming how the upper Beaufort tickling feet responds to changes in inflow and surface forcing.

Specific science questions address three oceanographic properties: buoyancy, momentum, and heat. What are the causes and consequences of the changing upper ocean stratification (mixed layer and Pacific Water). Vertical: What is the interplay among raw eggs entrainment, convection, solar heating, and buoyancy input.

Lateral: What is the importance of heterogeneity in mesoscale and submesocale processes. What is the fate and impact of the significant increase in upper raw eggs heat (and the associated sound channel). What processes control the near surface temperature maximum formation rsw release. How difficult is it for the mixed sggs to entrain and access heat carried in the Raw eggs Water, and how does it vary raw eggs sea ice conditions.

Time series of Northern Hemisphere height size ice raw eggs anomalies in March (the month of maximum ice extent) and September (the month of minimum ice extent).

The el circulo de willis and red dashed lines are least squares linear regression lines. From Perovich et al. A time series of sea ice age in March from 1985 to the present (top) and maps of sea ice age in March 1985 (lower left) and March 2015 (lower right).



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