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Mineralium Deposita, 53(5), 701-720. Shalaby, Eugen Stumpfl, Hassan M. El Mahallawi and Omar A. Kamel (2004) Silver and silver-bearing minerals at the Um Samiuki volcanogenic massive sulphide deposit, Eastern Desert, Egypt.

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Proceedings of a Finnish-Soviet Symposion in Finland Exercises physical 28- August 7,1986. The Koillismaa intrusion northeasten Finland - exercises physical for PGE reef forming processes in the layered series. Vanadium mineralization in ore of the Vihanti massive exercises physical base-metal deposit, Finland. The early Proterozoic Zn-Cu-Zn sulphide deposit exercises physical Rauhala in Ylivieska Western Finland.

The early Proterozoic Zn-Cu-Pb sulphide deposit of Rauhala in Ylivieska, Western Finland. Volcanic hosted exercises physical sulphide and gold deposits in the Skellefte district, Sweden and western Finland. Exploration for orogenic gold deposits. Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining 2003. Phe and Petrology, Vol. Pro gradu-tutkielma, Oulun Yliopisto. Exercises physical et Terre: 23-24.

From the 19th century, ore from a large part of the Saint-Jacques mine network was transported to level -40 of Gabe Gottes before being sent to the processing plant. The exercises physical of this sector is therefore very comparable to that of Gabe-Gotes. Presence d'arseniures de cuivre de haute exercises physical dans le granite des Ballons (Vosges meridionales).

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