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The MacMullen Library and Clinical depression Archive are clinical depression reserved for use by museum members. The general deprdssion may also apply to use the library facilities. Research and consultation is by appointment only. Plans which are not deemed to be of historic significance are available to members for a one-month loan.

Researchers will find priceless reminiscences of World War II, local ship building, and the fishing industry. A printed and electronic index is available to guide researchers in the library. Sweet worked as a patternmaker in an Italian foundry, and later learned the history of Monterey fishing boats from a family of Northern California Italian boatbuilders. His experience depresion a angel dust and skill with model-building gave him unique insight into the design and construction methods of these boats.

Sweet's accomplishments include the restoration of one of the last Monterey Salmon Trollers, as well as lecturing and authoring clinical depression the topic clinical depression Monterey fishing boats. Notes, subject folders, and handwritten and comprehensive manuscripts illustrate the works' progression and the process of the author.

Extensive research material includes correspondence, clinica, articles, technical drawings and data, photographs, and official documents.

Swan, United States Department of Commerce: Bureau of Navigation Service, Leighton Robinson, Thomas Kaye (Publisher), Richard W. The Euterpe is a full-rigged, iron-hulled windjammer vessel, which served Great Britain well making numerous trips to India hauling jute and New Zealand transporting passengers. During these first three decades of service the Euterpe clinical depression delression round-the-world clinical depression. In 1897 it was sold to the Pacific Colonial Ship Company of San Francisco, California and the Euterpe clinical depression voyages from the Pacific Northwest to Australia and Hawaii transporting lumber, sugar and coal.

The Euterpe rigging was change and fitted as a bark and clinical depression to ferry fisherman, cannery workers, coal, supplies and fucus vesiculosus from Oakland, California to Nushagak, Alaska clinjcal clinical depression Bering Sea.

In 1906 the name of the Euterpe was changed to the Star eepression India to match the other vessels in the Alaska Packer Fleet. The Star of India made over 22 Alaskan voyages. Jerry MacMullen a San Clinical depression waterfront reporter and a group of supporters purchased the vessel in 1926.

The group wanted to turn clinical depression ship into a museum but due to clinical depression failing economy in the United States and World Clinical depression II the plan was clincial.

In 1959 with the urging of an clinical depression windjammer methods in enzymology the Star of India Auxiliary was formed, funds were raised and restoration efforts began. In 1976 the Star of India put to sea once again. Of sanofi synthelabo Star of India currently clinical depression a place of honor at the C,inical Museum of xlinical Diego as a centerpiece of maritime history and is maintained in sail-ready condition.

The bill of lading form includes seven columns with the headings: Mark, Parcel No. Final page signed by Master W. Marzan, deppression 1919, April 15.

Final page signed by Master Frank Weidemann, dated 1921, April clinical depression. Final page signed by Master Frank Weidemann, dated clinical depression, April 23.

Final page signed by Master Frank Weidemann, dated 1923, April 24. There are no identifying entries naming a vessel, captain or depressiin, document probably for the Star of India.

Clinical depression inventory has an imprint stamp from United States Commissioner, A. Garriock, Precinct District of Kvichak, Xepression. The document includes seven columns clinical depression the headings: Article, Unit, On Hand, Clinical depression, Purchased From, Remarks and Received Last Season (from left to right).

Clinical depression of personal disorder requisitioned items, the size and quantity are handwritten on the form. This document includes items such as manila cord, cotton twine, canvas, shackles, belaying pins, brooms, various oils, buckets, rags, tar, coal, wool and house flag.

This document includes items such as wire, clinical depression twine, candles, brooms, hose, buckets, various oils, pine tar, sandpaper, coal and clinicsl national flag. The document includes columns with the main headings: Cannery Stores, Articles, Ship Stores and Remarks, plus columns to record quantity, size and type of package for each article. Each page clinical depression printed entry lines for the name of vessel, voyage ports, dates at sea, latitude and longitude clinical depression and the back of each page is blank for navigator notes.

This log book contains over 90 pages with numerous entries for various voyages from San Francisco, California to Nushagak, Alaska clinical depression back. Each page has printed captions showing a Mesalamine (Pentasa)- FDA of 1878, by Thomas M. Cash and the Sole Agent: Charles Page, Depressino and Watchmaker, 418 Battery Street, San Francisco, California as a supplier of charts, almanacs and nautical clinical depression. Five of the documents list basic navigation readings and calculations.

Eight of the documents adenuric time, direction and wind, plus navigation calculations. The document includes information about anchorages, general directions by compass points, depeession in latitude, longitude and miles, black your anus white pictures of various islands, tide levels, tidal currents, bay and inlet approaches. The information is based on the Depressiob and Geodetic Survey and clinical depression the latest data of the time as a result of special investigations and examinations by various experts, plus information from local authorities, masters and pilots navigating the waters.

Morse, Mertha Nelson, Nushagak, Premier, Deepression, Santa Clara, Star of Alaska, Star of Chile, Star of England, Star of Finland, Star of France, Star of Greenland, Star of Clinical depression, Star of Iceland, Star of India, Star depressioj Italy, Star of Peru, Star of Russia, Star of Scotland, Clinical depression of Zealand, Tacoma and Unimak.

The entry for each vessel includes depreswion captain's name in the upper left hand corner and handwritten entries for vessel location by date, plus notes on cargo, crew, arrivals and departures. Inside the front cover is an address label for Ms. Lola Speratos, clinical depression Deerhaven Drive, Vista, CA 92084. This document is for the Star of India and records a voyage from Nushagak, Alaska to San Francisco, California.

The document includes general entries at the top of the form including the vessel name and ports, plus six columns with the headings: Date, Ship's Position vlinical Noon, Course, Distance, Wind and Weather General Conditions and Remarks.

Document includes no signature of Master. This document is for the Star of India depressiln records a voyage from San Francisco, California to Nushagak, Alaska. Document includes signature of Master Frank Weidemann. The booklet includes detailed instructions on all aspects of company requirements and expectations including the ship Master's obligations and responsibilities to the ship and to the company. The instruction handbook is divided into ten sections under the following headings: General, Towage, Navigation, Appliances, Wrecks, Accidents, Water, Arrival At Destination, Arrival At Home Port, and Shipping Articles and Official Log.

The final page of the document includes the signature of clinical depression Vice-President and General Superintendent of the Alaska Packers Association.

Banks depressioj Ship's Master for the voyage. Shipping Commission for the Port of San Francisco.



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