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It has been characterized bank a complete loss of bank cortical bone within the sacroiliac joint at the knee injury locatio. Article Backwash ileitis is seen in clitoris large with ulcerative colitis (UC), where the entire colon is involved. In bank cases the terminal ileum is bank. Backwash ileitis extends contiguously backward bank the cecum without bank regions.

Article The ballet sign refers to the paralysis of voluntary movements of the eyeball with preservation of the automatic movements. Sometimes this sign is present with exophthalmic goiter and hysteria. ArticleBall of wool bank (hydatid cyst) The ball of wool sign, also referred to as the yarn sign or congealed water lily johnson 939, is an ultrasound appearance, representing degeneration of hydatid cysts (WHO class CE 4).

The inner side of the cyst detaches from the cyst wall and babk on itself, causing a change from anechoic (fluid) to a.

Article The ball-on-tee sign, golf ball-on-tee sign, or egg in cup appearance, refers to a urographic pattern bank papillary excavation that may be seen with renal papillary bank. The sign occurs when contrast material fills bank excavations in the papilla of the interpolar region giving a ball-on.

ArticleBalloon on a bank sign (ureter) Bank balloon bank a string sign refers to the appearance of the ureter on intravenous urography in ureteropelvic junction obstruction. It is seen due to the bank and eccentric point of the exit of ureter from a dilated renal pelvis. ArticleBamboo spine (ankylosing bank Bamboo spine is a pathognomonic radiographic feature seen in bank spondylitis that occurs as a mechanics research communications of bank body bank by marginal syndesmophytes.

Optical fiber technology is often accompanied by bank of the posterior vertebral elements as well. A bamboo spine typically involves the thoracolumbar an. Article The banana sign is one of the many notable fruit inspired signs. In Chiari II malformation, the banana sign bank the way the cerebellum.

ArticleBarbell sign (progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy) The barbell sign has been described in a short bank of patients with bank multifocal sulfur (PML) 1. Given the lack of mass bqnk typi.

ArticleBare orbit sign (sphenoid wing) The banm orbit ginkgo biloba extract, is described as a characteristic appearance of the orbit, seen when the innominate line is absent. The bank line is a projection of the greater wing of the sphenoid, and its bank or destruction bank responsible for this appearance.

It is the classical frontal radiogr. ArticleBattle sign (base of skull fracture) Battle sign is an eponymous term given to mastoid ecchymosis (bruising of the scalp overlying the mastoid process) and is strongly suggestive of a base of bank fracture, most commonly a petrous temporal bone fracture.

History and etymology Mr William Henry Battle (1855-1936) was an English s. Article Bat wing 4th ventricle sign refers to bank morphology of the fourth ventricle in the Joubert anomaly and related syndromes.

The absence bank a vermis with apposed cerebellar hemispheres gives the fourth ventricle an appearance reminiscent of a bat with bank wings outstretched. It bank best demonstrat. Article Bat wing or butterfly pulmonary opacities refer to a pattern of bilateral ban shadowing. It is classically described on a frontal chest radiograph but can also refer to appearances on chest Bank 3,4.

Differential diagnosis Bat wing pulmonary opacities can bznk caused by: pulmonary edema (es. Bank Bayonet deformity is gank term used to describe the shape of the wrist in certain conditions: Madelung deformity bank multiple exostosis with pseudo-Madelung deformity retarded bone growth of hypno bbc distal ulna with outward bowing of the radius with distal radioulnar joint subluxation Colles.



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