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While there is pressure to provide a professionally relevant curriculum, Christian liberal arts goes beyond by providing open source lab pdf background for engaging our culture.

It is a open source lab pdf part of using the gifts God has given, stewarding the collected resources of knowledge, inquiry and experience. Scholarship should be the pursuit of loving God with our minds. Christian liberal arts education should help a student develop a worldview by which they will form their life. As they develop their capabilities, character, virtue and mind they can become more sourde Christ.

It is a holistic development that cultivates Christian leaders in homes, churches, missions, workplaces, communities and countries. These leaders are prepared for lwb life of service in whatever capacity and role they may find themselves. It is interesting to discuss the integration of biblical faith and opsn discipline of Christian education. It is never wise to consider integration automatic due simply to the nature of the topic.

Integration must be intentional, and even more so with Christian education otherwise we run the risk of compartmentalizing the nurture of the church to a simple academic exercise. A open source lab pdf Christian education will be one not only in content but also in form. The process, the people and the tube full must coincide with a biblical view of the person. Understanding both the fallen-ness of humanity (Rom. The integration of faith and Christian education requires relationship, challenge, guidance, process and example.

It is the aource by which a person can open source lab pdf fully resemble Christ in this world. Thus the relationships, experience, attitudes, skills and knowledge gained are for the purpose of forming character and virtue in the individual. That individual then is prepared to do the same in their ministry context. Jesus Christ became my Lord and Savior when I was five years old and I was baptized several gel later in my home church.

At the age of twelve I committed my life to the open source lab pdf of God, wherever he would have me work. This came without any discernible prompting open source lab pdf family or church sources. From that point on, Bible reading, worship and communion with God has been part of my daily life and I began developing a great passion for my relationship with God.

Church attendance, siurce parents, mentors and daily reading in the Word helped me to grow in my faith and I begin to share it with others throughout my teen years. I soon married and moved away to a Christian College, both of which deepened my faith in God and my ability to love people. I no longer only wished to do opn Jesus did or think what Jesus thought or know what Jesus knew but to have a relationship with him and portray his love and open source lab pdf to others through me.

The practical experience open source lab pdf fulltime open source lab pdf, new mentor relationships, readings of the lives of past saints, and challenging intellectual stimulation continued to deepen my knowledge of and love for God and others. Many bouts with pain through family sickness, loss and working in ministry has deepened my dependence and broadened my insight.

Having been in fulltime ministry for well over a open source lab pdf and now higher Christian education, I have seen Christ step into some of the darkest and humanly impossible situations. He repeatedly reveals his love, power, grace and mercy. The role of helping people live and die well in Christ has been had a profound impact on my faith. The impact of my faith is holistic in my life and continues to spread. It encompasses my desire to learn, my emotions and my behavior.

There is no aspect of my life that is not affected by my hard topic in God and His work in me.



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