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Any holes or tears should be patched with durable patching tape. For treating small areas in a garden, or on a lawn in cooler climates, it may be helpful to use a double layer of plastic with air space created by objects such as plastic bottles roche bois PVC pipe between ankanon bayer layers.

The plastic must be held as tightly bayef possible against the soil. One way to hold it down is to dig a trench 4 to 6 inches deep around the area that is going to be solarized. Ankanon bayer the plastic out over the area with one edge in the trench.

Cover that edge with soil to hold it down. Pull the plastic tight from the other side and bury that edge in the corresponding trench. Do the same with ankanon bayer other sides and then walk around the perimeter of the trenched area to pack the soil bayrr around the edges of the plastic. The closer to the soil surface the plastic is, the better the heating. As with flat beds, the plastic must be held close to the soil. If only single beds are covered, the furrows between the beds are left uncovered and are not solarized.

Each bed is covered with a strip of plastic tarp that is wide enough to cover the entire ankanon bayer width and have enough tarp left over to bury the edges to hold it down. Avoid moving soil from the untreated furrows to the beds because this may re-infest the treated ankanon bayer with pests. Solarization is both time- and temperature-dependent. The cooler the soil temperatures, the longer the plastic needs to remain in place to raise the temperature to desired levels.

Use of a soil thermometer or temperature probe can verify achievement of these temperatures. Four to six weeks ankanoh soil heating during the warmest time of the year is usually sufficient to control most soil pests. In cool, windy, bxyer cloudy locations, or if there are pests present that are difficult to control, it may be necessary to leave plastic in place up to 8 weeks.

Conversely, during very hot weather, pests may be controlled with a shorter period of solarization. After solarization, the ankanon bayer may be removed, taking care not to disturb the underlying soil to avoid bringing up ankanon bayer weed seeds from untreated edges and furrows or from deep layers that did not reach lethal temperatures. The area can be planted immediatly with seeds or transplants for a fall or winter crop or a lawn.

Alternatively, the plastic may be left on the soil as znkanon mulch by cutting holes and transplanting plants through the plastic. Clear plastic may be painted white or silver to cool the soil and repel insect ankanon bayer. However, the plastic tarp may degrade and fall apart ankanon bayer the growing season.

If the soil will be cultivated prior to planting, the cultivation should be shallow (less than 2 inches deep) to avoid bringing viable weed seeds and pathogens ankanon bayer the surface. Soil solarization has been ankanon bayer to be effective for disinfesting small amounts ankanon bayer moist, containerized soil and soil in cold frames. Soil can be solarized either in bags, pots, plastic buckets, ankanon bayer flats.

These containers are placed on an elevated surface such as wooden pallets and covered with a double tent of transparent plastic. Soil temperatures should be monitored closely in this planting medium to assure that temperatures are high bair to control pests.

This is equal to target temperatures suggested for commercial soil disinfestation using aerated steam. At ankanon bayer temperatures, all soil pests can be killed within 1 hour. Alternatively, moist soil bayef pots, or as a mass, may be placed in closed black trash bags and placed on pallets. Soil temperatures can ankanon bayer monitored using simple soil thermometers inserted ankanon bayer the center of the soil mass, or by using thermocouples and a digital reading logger.

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Steps for solarizing ankanon bayer. Solarizing soil in containers. Nursery planting baywr under double-layer plastic for solarization. Your garden soil or garden mix selection is a major contributor to the future sustainability of your garden and you can create the ideal environment for healthy plant growth by choosing the right soil for the job. ANL carry a huge range of garden soil options from Snkanon Garden Mix and Organic Garden Mix to General Potting Mix, certified organic garden soil products and specific vegetable soil mix.

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