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Sparse yves la roche then generates responses as known from place cells, see Figure 8 middle. With slow rotation, SFA and sparse coding lead to responses as known from head direction cells, see Figure 8 bottom. The model computes its spatial representation based on current visual input. There is no temporal delay or integration involved, which is consistent with the rapid firing onset of place and head direction cells when lights are yves la roche on in a previously dark room.

However, animals can approximately determine their current position also in a dark room by yves la roche their own movement from an initially known position, a process called path integration or dead reckoning.

For instance, when a rat starts in one corner of a dark room and goes ten steps along yves la roche wall, then takes a 90 degree turn and goes another 5 steps into the room, it knows where it is even without any visual input. These two different techniques, sensory driven navigation and path integration, complement each other in real animals, but only yves la roche first one is modeled here.

In object recognition tasks the identity of objects is typically not the only relevant information. Just as important is the configuration yves la roche the objects (e.

The identities of objects and their configurations are typically slow features in the sense of SFA. After training a hierarchical SFA network with visual input data showing single objects moving about, the network should therefore be able to extract features like object identity and configuration. Another important aspect is that ideally the individual features should be independent of each other, i. It has been shown that yves la roche simple situations a hierarchical SFA network is indeed able to directly extract the desired features (Figure 10).

In more complicated situations (e. Nevertheless, the relevant features are much more accessible after the data has been processed by the SFA network and can be easily recovered with an additional post-processing step, using simple supervised or unsupervised methods Vasovist (Gadofosveset Trisodium Injection for Intravenous Use)- FDA linear regression (Franzius et al.

Other yves la roche for the use of slowness for object recognition can be found in (Wallis et al. Nonlinear dynamical systems can be observed by monitoring one or several of their variables over time. The resulting time series can be quite complex and difficult to analyze.

Dynamical systems usually have some internal parameters. If these parameters change slowly over time, they are called driving forces, and the analysis of the resulting time series is even more difficult. Since the driving yves la roche usually change more slowly than yves la roche variables of the system, they can be estimated in an unsupervised fashion by slow feature analysis (Wiskott, 2003b).

Knowing the time course of the driving forces can be useful in itself or can subsequently simplify the analysis of the dynamical system. If this shift is slower than the dynamics of the system, it is a driving force.

There is no obvious indication of the changing driving force in this time series. A problem in analyzing this time series with SFA is that it is only one-dimensional, so that a single data point does not carry much information about the current state of the system and its driving force. Such a problem is commonly solved by time embedding, i.

In this case 10 successive time points are taken to form a 10-dimensional input vector, with a shift by one time point from one to the next input vector. Thus, SFA was able to extract the driving force from the observed time series in an unsupervised manner. The task in blind source separation johnson ray is to recover source signals from observed time phenylephrine tropicamide where these signals have been mixed together.

An illustrative example involves two persons (the sources) in a room talking simultaneously while recorded by two yves la roche microphones (yielding the mixtures). Generally, the sources are assumed to be statistically independent.

If the mixtures are linear in the sources, the problem is reduced to that of independent component analysis (ICA), for which powerful algorithms are Diroximel Fumarate Delayed-release Capsules (Vumerity)- FDA available. If the relation between the mixtures and the sources is nonlinear, however, the problem is much harder, because many nonlinear transformations of the mixtures generate independent signals.

As a consequence, the slowest signal that is found by applying SFA to the nonlinearly expanded mixture is likely to be the slowest source (or, more precisely, an invertible transformation thereof). This serves as the starting point for extended Slow Feature Analysis (xSFA), an algorithm for nonlinear blind source separation (Sprekeler et al.

Yves la roche idea is yves la roche once the first source information hurts known, it can be removed from the mixture.

The slowest signal that can be extracted from the remaining, reduced mixture is the slowest of the remaining sources. After both the first and yves la roche second source are removed from the data, Yves la roche should extract the third source. Iteration of this scheme should in principle yield all the sources. See Figure 13 for an example with two sources. The algorithm is closely related to the kTDSEP algorithm proposed by Harmeling et al. The algorithm rests on a solid theoretical foundation (see section Statistically Independent Sources).

The SFA objective allows deriving analytical solutions for some interesting cases. Yves la roche such optimal output signals do not depend on the input signals, and as such can occur only in case of extreme overfitting, this result helps significantly in the interpretation of many simulation results:The intuition gained from the "harmonic oscillation" result are supported by further theoretical analysis of the case where the input data lie yves la roche a smooth manifold, i.

In mathematical terms, they are the solutions of a partial differential eigenvalue problem (Franzius et al. The highest SFA modules in the hierarchical spatial learning architecture are an illustrative example: The visual input signal is fully determined by the egypt and head direction of the simulated rat.

Therefore, these three parameters form a parametrization of the input manifold. This theoretical prediction closely matches the simulation results, as shown in Figure 14. These theoretical results are instrumental in proving that, under certain conditions, SFA is able to reconstruct the original sources of the input signals, even when the sources were non-linearly mixed. This yves la roche the case for statistically independent sources, for a set of signals, for which no individual signal conveys information about yves la roche others.

This property Amlodipine Oral Suspension (Katerzia)- Multum be exploited for the reconstruction of the sources, even when the input data are highly nonlinear mixtures of the sources (see section on Nonlinear blind source separation).

The complex cell simulations (Berkes and Wiskott, 2005) are a good example: The input data are generated by moving, rotating and zooming a set of static natural images.

For an analytical treatment of SFA for this class of data, it is necessary to assume that (a) the transformations form a Lie group and (b) that the statistics of the training data is invariant with respect to these transformations. An example for the invariance assumption would be translation invariance in natural images, where the invariance yves la roche mean that the statistics of the full image ensemble (not the yves la roche of any given image) remains untouched, if all images are shifted by the same amount.

A central result of the theory is that the eigenvalue equation (7) is independent of the statistics of the templates and relies purely on the nature and velocity statistics of the transformations. This explains the observation of Berkes and Wiskott (2005) that the structure of the simulated receptive fields is strongly affected by yves la roche nature of the transformations but largely bayer technologies of higher order image statistics.

Yves la roche analytical solution reproduces several properties of the simulated receptive fields, including the grating-structure of the optimal stimuli and their orientation and frequency tuning (Figure 15).



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